I don't need anyone else's mothers, I have mine.

My mom is cooler AND funnier than yours. Accept it, it's a fact. Since people need proof, these are things she says to me.

i can’t with her sometimes

Hi Darling Daughter,

I hope you are having a wonderful week.  I just saw that twitter has been hacked by the Syrian army.   I don’t know if that could affect you but be careful.   I just saw it on the news.   They hacked the New YorkTimes.  Apparently,  if one uses the NYT website or uses twitter - you get a message about Syria.   You know I don’t understand any of this but I am letting you know just in case.
I think I opened a Tumbler account.   I filled something out so I could check out a blog but I don’t know what I did - or how to use it.   Does this mean I want to be  a blogger?   I don’t of course - unless I can blog about computers and share all my knowledge.
Love you,
P.S.  I just signed up for a Miley Cyrus dance workout video.   

my mom's space bar is broken

  • me: noprob
  • itisweirdtotrytoreadthiswithnospaces
  • Janet: hahahahaha
  • newtrendeveryoneshoulddoit

On Britney

Thought of you because there is a Britney Spears marathon on fuse network.   She is talented to be sure.   Anyway,  I think of you because you convinced me that she knows what she is doing.   She does seem to be able to set the trends.  Just trying to stay relevant.
Love you,
Mamma Groovin’ Mia

i have to go, i’m in the check out line and i’m looking at the covers of vanity fair and elle and you know who’s on the cover? Kristen stewart. she can’t act a d i’m going to have a tantrum
i’m going to have a tantrum in the store and run and scream and she’s looking at me with her weird dead eyes. i have to go.
— My mom on the phone just now.

On how I could have it worse than her...

  • Ironmanmamma: Religious zealot, psychopath, robot, alien, amoeba...
  • me: It could be kinda neat if you were an amoeba.
  • Ironmanmamma: Well that is true - simplicity which is not a characteristic I posess yet. Working on it.

pop star mom


hydeordie replied to your video: Selena Gomez, “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know”…

my mom caught me watching this once and got upset that pop stars now adays don’t know how to dance.

In all fairness, neither did the Spice Girls.

She also gets mad about Madonna’s “famed” dancing abilities.

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oh my

Alas,   I am a bit late on this one …  but I really thought Katy Perry and this Brand fellow were going to make it.   This along with the Ashton/Demi debacle have me in a downward spiral.
Mamma Mia

Apple, tree…and all that jazz. View high resolution

Apple, tree…and all that jazz.

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